We've put together seven, easy-to-do tips, that will help present your home in the best light, for a quick Spring sale!

1) EXTERIOR PAINT or SIDING TOUCH UP - If your home is painted, touch up any areas that have chips, peeling, cracking, or are just plain dull. If your home has siding, replace or repair any of the pieces that are broken, loose, or out of place. This is just good maintenance and buyers take note of these things.

  • Extra tip - Learn how to clean the leaves out of the eaves trough from Do It Yourself - Click Here


2) CURB APPEAL - One of the best things you can do to make buyers' eyes widen as they pull up, is make the outside of your home shine brightly with greenery. What we mean here, is liven it up with fresh shrubs, colorful flowers, and new mulch. Also, remove any branches or leftover debris from the harsher months. This is the perfect way to make a great first impression.

  • Click Here for some landscape tips from Better Homes and Gardens by Kelly Roberson.


3) SIMPLE EXTERIOR DIY PROJECTS - Adding homemade items, such as: planter boxes, a Spring sign, wrapping porch pillars, painting the front door a fun color, or a custom doormat are great ways to spruce up the entry way. Here are a few links to some DIY projects to help get you inspired!

  • Planter Box Plans from Anika's DIY Life (We recommend adding your favorite color of stain, as it will add longevity and even more of the "whoa-cool-factor") - Click Here

  • Large Porch Sign from Mixed Creations - Click Here

  • Porch Column Plans from Shades of Blue Interiors - Click Here


4) ORGANIZE, CLEAN & DECLUTTER - Store unused items in proper storage areas, eliminate seasonal clothing and holiday decor. A home that's unorganized can lead to a buyer's belief that there's not enough storage space. It's also a good idea to depersonalize your home (put away the family pictures), so people can envision themselves living there. Lastly, make sure your home is clean. You don't want a potential buyer to see a stack of dishes or smell Johnny's gym socks, right? Again, a buyer wants to envision themselves living there and that's much harder to do if it's messy.

  • Here's a great link on home organization from Abby Lawson - Click Here


5) INTERIOR PAINTING - Yes, this one is mentioned in EVERY real estate blog. There's a reason for this... It's a cheap way to transform an entire space for the cost of some gallons of paint, a few rollers, and paint brushes. Oh... and don't forget your drop cloths! Here's the kicker to making it work... choose neutral colors. Don't go paint a room bright orange, another room lime green, and the master bedroom poop-brown. Utilize a professional color palette. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

  • Click Here for a bunch of sweet color palette Pinterest links.


6) UPDATE LIGHT FIXTURES & BULBS - This is much easier than you think. Instructions are included in the box. Outdated light fixtures can be a major eyesore. With a simple upgrade, that doesn't cost much, you can drastically change the look of a room. Also, remove those outdated, non-energy efficient bulbs, and replace them with brand new LED bulbs. (CHECK YOUR NEW LIGHT FIXTURE BEFORE BUYING BULBS) Many of the new fixtures come with LED or energy efficient bulbs. The LED bulbs make rooms brighter and don't have that yellowy tinge of bleh.

  • Utilize this Pinterest link to "light" your inspiration - Click Here


7) HIRE ONE OF THE NERDS - This is a no-brainer. Upon doing so, we will provide you with ALL of the other tips needed for a quick sale at the highest possible price.


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